Thin glass - All positive glass properties highly concentrated!

Flat glass, thinner than paper

Thin glass (trade names e.g. D 263, AF 32 or B 270) is flat glass with a thickness of less than 1.1 mm – down to 30 µm. These glass types are often not floated, but the glass sheet is pulled through the cooling section by various drums. The result is a flawless surface with a surface roughness of less than 0.5 nm.

Depending on the type of glass and its composition (D 263 and AF 32: borosilicate; B270: soda lime), thin glass is often used in applications that require the optical, chemical or physical advantages of glass, but where a thin glass layer is sufficient for technical reasons. Examples are applications in optics, biotechnology, optoelectronics, sensor technology, display technology, battery technology or semiconductor production.

The majority of thin glasses cannot be tempered. An exception is the D 263 T eco, which can be tempered chemically.