Angular curved - Campfire in the living room

IDEAL curved glass for extravagant designs

A tiled stove that only makes the room comfortably warm is a thing of the past. Today, customers expect an unobstructed view of the fire from several sides. A feeling like being at a campfire – coupled with clean combustion and the highest environmental standards.

Framing two panes with a metal corner just looks old-fashioned. Angularly bent fire-viewing panels, on the other hand, tend to develop slight bulges at the outlets of the bending edge (left in the picture). This makes it just as difficult to frame the curved pane as it is to seal the combustion chamber.

SCHOTT managed to solve this issue and uses an innovative process to manufacture ideally curved ROBAX glass ceramics. The bulge is reduced by up to 50% (right in the picture), which improves the solidity of the edge by up to 80% . At the same time, the viewing panel is much easier to frame.

When combined with large bending radii between 30 und 95 mm, a real campfire feeling is created in the living room: The edge itself becomes almost invisible. Slim frames or even frameless designs give the fireplace a distinctive spatial impression.