Finishing - Cleaned as quickly as written on

Processing, printing, coating

NEXTREMA is resistant to acids, bases and corrosion according to DIN 12116, ISO 695 and DIN ISO 719. It does not interact with its environment, even in demanding processes. The “good Morning” in the picture on the left can therefore be wiped off quite simply.

The flowers, however, cannot – they are printed. Therefore, we warrant that they will not wilt, even at high temperatures.

We at Irlbacher have all the methods to mechanically shape, print and coat glass-ceramics. That’s why we are certain: The combination of the NEXTREMA material, our experience and your ideas is the basis for successful products, that are visually convincing and amaze consumers with their features.

SCHOTT NEXTREMA can also be used as whiteboard. Simply replace the flowers with your company logo and the kitchen with the meeting area of your shop floor …