Anti-Reflex - Coating for the calming glaze into the fire

See the flame, not the room

The play of flames in a gas-operated fireplace gains considerably in scenic radiance thanks to a TrueView anti-reflective coating on the fire viewing panel. This can hardly be explained better than in the image on the left: The uncoated ROBAX panel (right) mirrors the room and its furniture. The fire itself, the central element of every fireplace, that ideally should take center stage, dwindles to a marginal note.

Completely different is the glass-ceramics panel on the left, coated with TrueView: Reflections of the room are hardly visible, instead the fire is staged in the best possible way. In other words, exactly what the end customer

The TrueView coating is applied to both sides. The substrate material tolerates up to 600 °C (short-term) as well as thermal shocks of up to 700 degrees. Its acid resistance conforms at least with Class 2 acc. to DIN 12116. This is especially important for gas-operated fireplaces, because at the comparably low combustion temperatures, not all sulphur compounds exhaust over the smokestack, but partially condense on the inner side of the viewing panel.