Ashes disappear magically - Fire perfectly staged – ashes invisible

The ideal coating for hotels

ROBAX Mirror combines sophisticated anti-glare with reflection: While in the heated state the view of the fire is not restricted, in the unheated state the sooted combustion chamber remains largely hidden, as seen in the picture on the left.

This innovative coating is applied to the room side and can be easily combined with individual print designs (e.g. frames, logos…). ROBAX Mirror is temperature-resistant up to 550° C and is available for glass of 3…5 mm in thickness.

Cleaning is performed with usual glass cleaners – or perhaps even better: with the SCHOTT ROBAX dry cleaning agent. This cleans without soaking time, without streaks, without wiping off afterwards and is able to remove soot from the glass without leaving any scratches behind. Sure, this dry cleaning agent is available from us as well.