Premium fire protection - Fireplace viewing panels made from ROBAX – resistant and valuable

Elegant and aesthetically pleasing

In our experience, the best choice for fireplace viewing panels: ROBAX from SCHOTT. This temperature-resistant, durable material, which consists of over 95% natural raw materials, is the premium product for contemporary viewing panels. Whether tiled stove, fireplace or hearth: with ROBAX, you can create elegant fire-resistant panels that not only offer unsurpassed function, but also attract attention and become a design element of your fireplace.

ROBAX is temperature resistant up to 760 °C. Even the hottest wood fire will never reach such temperatures. However, the material also withstands temperature differences of up to 700 degrees – for example between the cold boundary are of the fireplace viewing panel framed in stainless steel, and its hottest point, exactly opposite and only a few centimetres away from the flame.