Floor panels - Floor panels in all shapes and sizes

Clear, colored or printed – extending the fireplace optically

High-class flooring needs to be protected from fire but should nevertheless be visibly appreciated. In this case a transparent floor panel is the first choice. Alternatively, the panel could be in a set-off color, contrasting the floor – or, digitally printed, extend the fireplace optically into the room.

We stock floor panels in 17 practice-proven shapes and sizes, from square to rectangular, pentagons and hexagons, round- and segment arches, circles and circle segments through to drop shapes.

Speaking of print: Whether digitally printed as an individual designer item or sample, whether inexpensively screen-printed, it’s nothing to be decided; we can do both. Let us resolve this task together. We know for example, which colors and paint systems are suitable for which operating temperatures. So that the design will look fresh for years – and thereby remains just as attractive, as if it had just been installed.

Photo: The digitally printed floor panel extends the Hagos fireplace perfectly into the room, and at the same time protects the floor from flying sparks.