Prototypes - Functional samples with your design

From Hands-on samples to serial production

Once the development process has been completed, our prototype department demonstrates its capabilities and competencies. From CNC glass processing and digital printing to electronics production, all the trades interact smoothly so that you can have one or more prototypes or functional models in your hands in the shortest possible time: Inspire your bosses, colleagues and customers with a real product!

The more we can use standard CNC machining processes and our solution construction kits, the cheaper and faster the execution. Ideally, non-recurring costs for tools and equipment remain extremely manageable.

CNC glass processing without product-specific tools also means that nothing is “engraved in stone” yet. Because even with really good concepts, in reality you can still find one or two things that can be done better, more appealing or more elegantly – or else, you realize how much more effective embedded HMI can be when taking over parts of the application