IMPAcolor - IMPAcolor: We bring color into the game!

Glass in your corporate color

IMPAcolor is our brand name for tinted glass (colored glass). On the one hand it is used for esthetic reasons, on the other hand it is used to achieve certain filter functions. Colored glass allow only certain wavelengths to pass through and can therefore be used for a wide range of filter functions. Examples are neutral density filters, which have a constant attenuation over the entire range of visible light – or filters to enhance contrasts, such as those used as cover glass for displays.

If there is no corresponding colored glass in your corporate color, we can also print glass over its entire surface and thus create almost any color. Inorganic, ceramic lacquers with a high pigment content are used for this purpose for rich and full colors. The transformation process enamels the color and the carrier glass. IMPAcolor is therefore color stable and color-fast up to 300°C.