Vitrine mit einer Haube aus Glas. Die Beleuchtungskörper sind LEDs, die flächenbündig in das Glas eingesetzt sind. Sie leuchten die Objekte in den Vitrinen blendfrei aus. Die Kühlung der LEDs erfolgt direkt durch das Glas.

IMPAled - IMPAled: Let there be light!

Uniform illumination through LEDs embedded in the glass

LEDs, conductor paths and glass get along very well – if they are properly matched. If this is the case there will be no fatigue fractures due to different thermal expansion, no heat damage of LEDs or other active components due to accumulated heat. Depending on directed lighting and contacting, we place the LED on the glass – or even in the glass.
Whether we use organic or inorganic LEDs is not important to us; we have mastered both. If necessary, even in the same application.
At IMPAled, we can completely avoid using fans, metal cores or other heat exchangers; the heat is always dissipated through the glass.