IMPAstep - IMPAstep: Step by step in glass

Sight glass with steps for flush mounting

Steps or levels in a component – sounds rather harmless at first. Only if the material is glass, the harmless part will be over very quickly. Glass cannot be chipped, only removed layer by layer. Nevertheless – or exactly because of this – precise steps or levels can be manufactured in glass – if you can do it.
process industry, for example, requires plugs with certain increments. Another application is framed glass: glass panels that are embedded in a frame in such a way that the front is flush. So not only the edge of the glass panel is protected perfectly.
With the right design, a glass panel can handle high pressures, as it is the case with sight glasses for the process industry, for example. Together with the appropriate adhesive, however, it is also possible to build, for example, trafficable outdoor lights in IP68.