IMPA System - IMPAsystem: The flexible all-rounder!

Touch solution ready to install – with electronics, cover and design

There is still an internal debate as to whether IMPAsystem is even a technology platform in its own right. After all, this is only “system integration”.
However, only those who have not yet dealt with the optimal combination and coordination of processing steps and engineering platforms for a customer application say this: In theory, there are always several solutions. In practice, however, usually only one solution works over the long term and across all processes and tolerances.
Recognizing this one optimal solution in advance and setting up the project correctly requires a lot of experience. Experience that we are happy to put at your disposal. Right from the start. During the entire design process. While the production is running. And afterwards too, when the series has long since been discontinued, but your key customers ask for spare parts or obsolescence management solutions.