Machine and plant engineering - Machine control for continuous operation in the plant

Key differentiator due to functional aesthetic

What all of our HMI-Touch systems have in common: With our comprehensive solution tool kit, our many years of experience and our in-depth understanding of applications, we support your development team right from the start, thereby shortening development times and helping to turn ideas into reliable series products.

Mechanically, glass is extremely robust, the paint systems printed on the back are highly resistant to UV light, high temperatures as well as scratching. In this environment, input systems made from plastic or foil keypads would soon look their age …

For engineers: Instead of foil keypads we use ceramically printed tempered safety glass. We perfect the surface finish with a highly transparent ESD-conductive coating, which in addition is thermally compressed at 280° C. As a result, this HMI provides an unsurpassed abrasion protection!