Industrial aesthetics - No-frills design

Industrial solutions with resilience

Industrial applications frequently place the focus on the functionality of the terminal cover; less on the design or the haptic. High up on the priority list is the hermetically sealed protection of the electronics.

It is good that we don’t have to decide between haptic and design. Glass covers all requirements in a superior manner: It is highly resilient, safe, environmentally friendly, transparent, will not yellow, is scratch-resistant and compatible with practically all greases, oils, lubricants, disinfectants or detergents found in the industry, and much more.

Openings in print, perhaps for an indicator LED, are no problem – as well as “invisible” windows, i.e. spaces only translucent for certain wavelength ranges, in order to control a device by infrared remote control.

We do not set limits to your ideas. Put us to the test. The more complex the challenge, the more we are in our element.

Photo: The glass cover is glued all around into the stainless-steel frame. The step grinded into the glass ensures that the final surface is flush.