Ceramized coating - Pure enjoyment right from the start: Visual pleasure at a constant grill temperature!

The usage-tolerant glass-ceramic

The material composition of NEXTREMA results in ceramic molecules being created in the glass during the manufacturing process. This gives NEXTREMA physical, chemical and mechanical properties that open up new areas of application for engineers and designers.

Depending on the application, the otherwise common polishing of the surface can be omitted – and thus a process that can lead to visible scratches on the surface. This is not only visually unsightly – but scratches can also significantly increase the risk of breakage.

NEXTREMA is compliant with the European Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS).

Our grill in the picture on the left stays outside in all weather. Because glass does not go out of shape, is rust-free and retains its transparency. Yellowing of protective glass outdoors is a thing of the past.