Lining - Scrim diffuser for the combustion chamber

Lining for perfect fire enjoyment in 3D

ROBAX is so resistant against heat, acids, and bases, that even the interior of (gas-) stoves can be cladded with it. The special product adapted to this application – ROBAX Magic – is available in four colour variants: Black (translucent), Grey (opaque), Bluegrey (translucent) and White (opaque).

While a smooth surface ensures optically in-focus reflections of the flame, the nubbed structure contributes a scrim diffusor effect, as in the picture on the left. In addition, ROBAX Magic Black as well as ROBAX Magic Bluegrey are both available with a fluted front or back face.

The material is temperature resistant up to 660 °C (short-term) and tolerates thermal shocks up to 650 degrees. It can be processed and printed without any problems.