Höchste Rechenleistung direkt auf das Glas bestückt: Das HMI kann Teile der Applikation übernehmen!

System peripherals - Sensors is what the system needs!

The invisible industrial processor – made visible

Granted: It’s rather cheeky to call displays or ITO matrix sensors system peripherals. But truth be told, it’s not wrong: The core of our embedded HMI is the powerful 32-bit computer. We build the application around it according to customer specifications. Usually with touch functionality, not always with a display and ITO matrix sensor, but increasingly more often. The display can be up to 24″ in size. In addition, we can also operate remote displays, for example for numerical inputs via keyboard or encoder.
Proximity sensors provide the information for the vanishing effect. We communicate with display controllers as smoothly as with higher-level system computers.
In modern terminology, our embedded HMI is an edge computer that processes user data and enrichens it with context.