Plant engineering and process industry - Sight glasses and vision panels

In every shape and with every grinding!

Sight glasses and vision panels are indispensable for process technology and plant construction. The shape is thereby governed by the task – like the grinding of the edges. We supply vision panels that are capable of withstand high pressures, as well as protective glasses for the chemical industry, that are permanently exposed to aggressive chemicals.

For these purposes, we bring glass into practically every required shape. Regardless of whether flat glass or hollow cylinder, prisms or rods. We cut, drill, polish, round and form. Whatever your application needs. Step-grinding for a force-fit integration into cover frames or sight glasses. Any form. With angular or rounded edges. With vaults. For extreme accuracy requirements. For parts, whose operation is not affected by temperature ranges of several hundred degrees. Parts with thermal expansion coefficients close to zero …

On request, we not only machine products to your drawings, but are also happy to develop the optimal solution to the requirement together with you.