IR-SuperMAX - The first coating that can compensate for operator errors

Comfortable climate. More environmentally friendly. Cleaner view.

If you heat the decorative and stylish wood, pellet or gas fireplaces in low-energy and passive houses, the room is quickly overheated. With IR SuperMAX, that’s history. The new coating technology from SCHOTT brings back the feel-good climate. The coating itself, without the glass substrate, reflects about 60…80% of the mid-infrared radiation, i.e., at wavelengths around 3.5 µm. This opens up completely new possibilities for fireplace manufacturers, as the safety distances to furniture – compared to uncoated ROBAX – shrink by up to half.

End customers are delighted with the pyrolysis-like cleaning effect: the fireplace viewing panels soot much less; the fire looks more real and lively. At the same time, the cleaning effort is permanently reduced.

Incidentally, the considerably higher combustion temperature can compensate for classic operator errors such as incorrect air settings or too little fuel and ensure that catalytic converters in the fireplace work optimally. This in turn protects the environment and reduces fine dust pollution.

Would you have thought that all this can be achieved with a coated glass-ceramic – which can also be printed on?