Today - Today: The consistent path from glass supplier to system supplier

Tablet PC for the visually impaired. Touch guidance for writing. 32 Braille letter matrix below the screen for reading.

Based on the IMPAtouch engineering platform, which had been developed in-house, Irlbacher is gradually expanding its solution construction kit. New challenges and applications arise. Light and directed light, finger guidance and haptics, functional integration, ITO matrix and IR sensors, optical bonding…

More than 600 people work for us today, and the ten subsidiaries have grown to over 50 worldwide. Join us on the highway of glass innovations and benefit from 85 years of experience.

The more sophisticated the products become – and the more complex the technological processes involved – the more difficult it is to manage tolerances across the entire supply chain. This is why Irlbacher is increasingly growing into a system supplier that provides ready-to-install subsystems or complete devices. Supported by an ecosystem of carefully coordinated services – ranging from sourcing to assembly, from packaging to logistics.