You can count on us. Right from the start.

Glass looks elegant, is resistant, chemically virtually untouchable and, as tempered safety glass with the right edge finishing, is incredibly impact and shock resistant. As a classy front panel or an HMI with integrated unit control functionality it catapults your product into a different league, offers your customers added value and creates a unique position in the market for your company.

With Irlbacher as your partner, you can confidently focus on your application. We regard ourselves as the specialists for the processing and functionalizing of glass for industrial applications. Being a one-stop shop, our portfolio comprises just about everything that one can make from and with glass. With just a few exceptions: you will search in vain for structural glass, windscreens, rear or side windows for cars.

No matter what technical, functional or aesthetic idea you have in mind: Let’s talk about it right from the start. Make use of our knowledge and our experience. As a system integrator we can advise you to choose the optimum raw material, while always having the complete solution in sight.

Our manufacturing services ensure that your application is given the right finish. Our application technology provides you with a comprehensive solution tool kit. Our logistics takes care of the entire module including assembly and the appropriate supply system up to your line.

HMI – Touch. Intelligent. Integrated Functionality.

We know touch systems inside out. With integrated sensors, optically bonded PCAP touch systems, displays, remote or hidden controls, cut-outs, including frames, decorative and covering strips, right up to ready-to-install delivery to the line.

  • Rough environmental conditions
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Devices and systems
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Steering repeater compass for exterior helmstands on vessels

    More durable than stainless steel!

    We are passionate about what we do, to put products into reality that one has never seen before. Products setting new trends in the wide variety of applications of our customers, based on our technology platforms.
    With the same passion, we develop tailored economical production solutions, so that profitability does not thwart functionality, design and look.

    For engineers: A steering repeater compass is a gyroscope, that enables a precise alignment of vessels despite troubled sea. Used on exterior helmstands, it must be simple to operate – and work reliably. At maximum UV irradiation, as well as when it is washed over by a saltwater and even when iced over in the Arctic. It is our first HMI with ceramically printed protective glass, designed for IP69K.

  • Everything a small appliance needs in terms of electronics

    On the back of the glass touch!

    The evaluation of the six sensors and the IR remote control signals as well as the activation of the five LEDs etc. is performed by a 32-bit-PSoC with ARM-Cortex-M3-Core. Inside, there is enough extra processing power to perform all tasks a small electrical appliance needs – including open and closed loop control functions and the switching of mains-operated loads via appropriate relays.

    No additional PCB, no additional cost, no further wiring. The only thing missing in the above picture is the plastic reflector, which on the one hand protects the electronics from environmental influences and on the other hand reliably prevents light scatter of LEDs in adjacent fields and thus provides the user with clear status information.

    Which of your products can we upgrade optically with our technology platforms and optimize in terms of costs?

  • Soldering station with a distinctive look

    Functional integration on glass

    We are opening new horizons – by contributing ideas and concepts, functional integration and our tried-and-tested technology platforms. All controls are literally located on the glass; that saves cut-outs as well as assembly work. In addition, we guarantee maximum impermeability and thus considerable protection of the device interior.

    For engineers: The device in the picture combines PCAP touch functionality and a 360°-curved slider, that acts like an encoder. The basis is our IMPAtouch technology platform. It ensures that the HMIs of our customers standout significantly from the crowd. The operation is not only intuitive; sensors and open interfaces ensure information processing on a completely different level.

    Depending on the application, ESD-conductive layers, an anti-microbial coating, haptic buttons or sliders equipped with LED lighting effects can also be applied. Frequently, plastic assemblies or cover frames are part of our customer-specific solution. Your advantage: An exact fitting functional module ready to install, with a short, easily manageable supply chain.

  • Machine control for continuous operation in the plant

    Key differentiator due to functional aesthetic

    What all of our HMI-Touch systems have in common: With our comprehensive solution tool kit, our many years of experience and our in-depth understanding of applications, we support your development team right from the start, thereby shortening development times and helping to turn ideas into reliable series products.

    Mechanically, glass is extremely robust, the paint systems printed on the back are highly resistant to UV light, high temperatures as well as scratching. In this environment, input systems made from plastic or foil keypads would soon look their age …

    For engineers: Instead of foil keypads we use ceramically printed tempered safety glass. We perfect the surface finish with a highly transparent ESD-conductive coating, which in addition is thermally compressed at 280° C. As a result, this HMI provides an unsurpassed abrasion protection!

  • Touch solutions in the OR

    Reliable and safe

    When health is at stake, there is no room for gimmicks. Clear, high-resolution images without reflections, all essential information at a glance, even if it comes from different systems via all possible interfaces, reliable touch operation straight through the glove. Unambiguous haptics and unequivocal haptic feedback. Because there is simply no time for searching buttons or reading acknowledgement messages.

    What’s more: Glass surfaces are not a good terroir for microbes and germs. They find few opportunities to settle on them. Thanks to the latest touch technology, there are no cut-outs and openings in which these unwanted guests could make themselves comfortable. Quite the contrary: The fully closed glass surface can be completely disinfected extremely easily. Again, and again. Because even the most aggressive disinfectant cannot harm glass.

Classy design in glass. Plain. Aesthetic. Timeless.

It doesn’t always have to be touch – glass simply upgrades all products quite dramatically. Whether in machines, for high class bathroom fittings and accessories, elegant lamps, warm-cozy stoves, stylish household appliances, impressive building technology, safe medical technology, in the optical industry, etc. …

End customers love the elegant “Look-and-Feel” of glass, that is so completely different. Smoother than metal and considerably more scratch-resistant than plastic. Haptic elements can of course also be integrated, as well as capacitive buttons, displays, sensors or antennas for RFID tags.

  • Stylish household appliances
  • Design lamps
  • Intuitive building technology
  • Luxurious bathroom fittings
  • Industrial aesthetics
  • Elegant front panels made of glass, not only for the kitchen

    We supply them all: plain, elegant, functional.

    Here our decades of experience in screen printing as well as with all paint systems available on the market comes to the fore: Logos we print with ceramic colors on the back. The combination of ceramic colors with printed stainless-steel imitations – or with grinded stainless-steel foils laminated behind glass – conjure as yet unseen design effects on glass, that catch the eye and ensure for delight among the end customers: incomparable look, always clean.

    At the front, our design panels are resistant to all household cleaning agents and disinfectants. The electronics behind them is perfectly protected.

  • Light that floats in space

    Powerful light. Only 9 mm flat.

    Turning creative ideas into series products, that is our strength. As with the OMLED lamps designed by Thomas Emde. They had to be ultra-flat, less than ten millimeters in thickness. They had to radiate even, bright light – without discernible hot spots of individual LEDs. Impossible, said everyone else. It can be done. With OLEDs and our technology platforms.

  • Light control panel – intuitively operatable

    Having an overview can be so aesthetically pleasing!

    While float glass becomes tempered safety glass (ESG) in the transformation process, the ceramic colors also form a permanent bond with the base glass. For years of best readability without change in color, infinitely UV-resistant. Also, in demanding environmental conditions. When walls or the building long since appear dirty and worn out.

    In contrast to the concrete wall in the background of the image, with our glass a little vinegar is enough to release the limescale. And then wipe off once with common cleaners: Looks like it did on the first day.

  • Classical modern and curved glass

    The fountain in the bathroom

    Be honest – did you recognize the curved and polished glass dish right away? The ingenious design with its stylish water feature has won numerous international awards. Its conversion into an affordable series product is what we contributed.

    The purposefully formed safety glass. The ground-in centering nose, that ensures for correct assembly and perfect fit. The ground and refined edges, in which the light is captured and makes the water sparkle. The surface coating that makes cleaning easier and reduces dirt and limescale deposits.

    Which of your ideas shall we develop together to series maturity?

  • No-frills design

    Industrial solutions with resilience

    Industrial applications frequently place the focus on the functionality of the terminal cover; less on the design or the haptic. High up on the priority list is the hermetically sealed protection of the electronics.

    It is good that we don’t have to decide between haptic and design. Glass covers all requirements in a superior manner: It is highly resilient, safe, environmentally friendly, transparent, will not yellow, is scratch-resistant and compatible with practically all greases, oils, lubricants, disinfectants or detergents found in the industry, and much more.

    Openings in print, perhaps for an indicator LED, are no problem – as well as “invisible” windows, i.e. spaces only translucent for certain wavelength ranges, in order to control a device by infrared remote control.

    We do not set limits to your ideas. Put us to the test. The more complex the challenge, the more we are in our element.

    Photo: The glass cover is glued all around into the stainless-steel frame. The step grinded into the glass ensures that the final surface is flush.

Smart Home. Aesthetic Durability. In Perfection.

Properly designed glass products are tough. Outdoors and above all in public places, they have to be. And if our glass should meet with brute force, either by accident or vandalism, then edge grinding and tempered safety glass (TSG) show what they are capable of. They master the art, to break in such a way, that no sharp-edged shards occur.

  • Digital Natives
  • Home Automation
  • Building technology
  • Door pillars and exterior space
  • Individualization
  • Switch panels
  • The docking station for iPads

    The combination makes the difference: Design panel with touch.

    Glass and light are a perfect match and open up undreamt-of design possibilities. From the user guidance via the disappearing effect through to the coupling of light over edges – our technology platform IMPAled provides a lot of ready-made solutions, that make your product unique.

    Such as iRoom’s iDock, which is increasingly found not only in high class hotels, but also in modern apartments. It holds the iPad flush-mounted, charges it, and provides function keys for direct access.
    It almost goes without saying, that iRoom’s iDock also protects the iPAD from unauthorized removal. The mechanical lock opens only after entering the correct code.

  • Home Automation with Wow-Effect!

    Multi-Material-Design in Perfection

    Glass and brushed stainless steel are the two most exquisite materials for user interfaces and operating elements. Together they are unbeatable. An ingenious duo with real Wow effect. By the way, this design is not so easy to transform into a series product. Generally speaking, glass and stainless steel are different trades. In production, unavoidable tolerances can quickly add up to unpleasant effects.

    Not the case with this product: We have taken over the responsibility for the individual parts and the assembly, so that one fits the other. Always.

  • From light switch to eye-catcher

    Design cover frames made of glass

    Glass cover frames upgrade every electrical installation and transform the unavoidable building technology into an eye-catcher of the first order. There are no limits to your creativity – shapes, thicknesses, colors, with and without print – we transform your design into handcrafted perfection. In custom series just the same, as in ongoing production.

    Glass surfaces do not yellow or get dirty, dirt has no chance to agglomerate and microorganisms also find poor living conditions on glass.

    By the way: If you want, or if it simplifies your production, we will assemble mounting solutions and attachments before packaging the products with accompanying documents into your containers and boxes and deliver them directly to your central warehouse.

    Irlbacher manufactures elegant cover frames for light switches, sockets, door intercoms and other building technology elements.

  • All weather!

    UV-resistant and weather-proof – thanks to ceramic colors.

    Elegance right at your doorstep: Even with presumably simple products, the devil is in the detail: Ceramic colors, printed on the back, keep the bright colors throughout the device’s lifespan. Ground-in finger guides ensure the optimal operating position. The proper edge grinding, the proper gluing, the proper support on the housing’s inside guarantees, that even rough handling will not lead to any consequences.

  • Every product is unique

    Individualization instead of boredom: Laser and digital printing make it possible!

    Glass can be optimally processed and structured with a laser. That starts with a variety of shapes and is nowhere near stopping at the embedding of LEDs in glass for the specific illumination.

    Screen printing works perfectly for series production. In digital printing we manufacture samples, individual objects or even small series. With the same colors and the same UV-resistance.

    The combination of laser and digital printing allows us to quickly create prototypes – with all the properties of a series product. We master the processes. Utilize our experience and make your product unique!

  • Aesthetics indoors

    Design panels. Not only made of glass.

    Glass is our specialty. No question about it. But our production technologies are also suitable for other materials. Stone or concrete for instance. Or modern nanotech materials. Or the combination of completely different materials.

    We place virtually no technical limits on your inspirations. Don’t ask us when it is done – involve our specialists right from the start.

    Did you know that we have over 60 different types of stone in calibrated thicknesses in stock, preferably in 4 and 5 mm?

Technical Glass. Processed. Accurate to Microns.

That’s how we started. Almost 85 years ago. And to this day nobody has done it better. Glass cannot be cut by chip removal. We grind it. And turn technical drawings, DXF- or Step-files – or quite generally CAD data – into workpieces accurate to microns. How exactly does that work? So abstract, that is difficult to explain. It would be better if you visit us in Schönsee. Looking at the machine, after a few explanatory words this is no longer a secret …

  • Optical industry
  • Medical- and laboratory technology
  • Lights and luminaires
  • Plant engineering and process industry
  • Quartz glass reflector processed accurate to microns

    Maximum precision for the optical industry

    Independent of HMIs, cover glass and design there are countless applications for complex technical glass, above all in the optical industry: lenses, prisms, reflectors, light guide elements, piezo carriers made from ZERODUR or recision parts made from quartz glass, that withstand temperatures up to more than 1,000 degrees unscathed.

    The challenge with the part in the picture at the left is the high level of accuracy required: The admissible tolerance is just ±0.0095, or ±9.5 µm. The overall tolerance range is therefore about a quarter of the diameter of a normal human hair …

  • Microtiter plates made from borosilicate glass

    Have you ever drilled holes in glass? It’s like nailing pudding to the wall …

    Glass is resistant against almost all media. It can be cleaned or sterilized with solvents without any problems. As a result, it is ideally suited for applications in laboratories, in medicine or in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Microtiter plates for example have up to 3,456 wells (cavities) isolated from one another and organized in rows and columns. Depending on the application either with F-floor (flat floor), C-floor (flat floor with minimally rounded corners), V-floor (conically oncoming floor) and U-floor (U-shaped recess). Simply drilling a hole in glass … No way!

  • Protective and filter glass for the lighting industry

    Custom-fit solutions from Irlbacher

    We have manufactured heat resistant or UV-protective glass for lights, luminaires and other lighting applications for decades, as well as filter glass or color filters.

    Sometimes with these products, the manufacturing challenges are not evident at first glance, as with the cover glass on the picture at the left. It is not only to be manufactured in such a way that it easily withstands a point load of 5 tons – the entire construction must be able to handle these forces, without causing unacceptably high mechanical stresses and therefore cracks or breaks.

    Not shown in the picture: The glass is equipped with an anti-slip coating. This hardly impairs the optics at all, but prevents people from slipping on a wet, icy or snow-covered glass surface.

  • Sight glasses and vision panels

    In every shape and with every grinding!

    Sight glasses and vision panels are indispensable for process technology and plant construction. The shape is thereby governed by the task – like the grinding of the edges. We supply vision panels that are capable of withstand high pressures, as well as protective glasses for the chemical industry, that are permanently exposed to aggressive chemicals.

    For these purposes, we bring glass into practically every required shape. Regardless of whether flat glass or hollow cylinder, prisms or rods. We cut, drill, polish, round and form. Whatever your application needs. Step-grinding for a force-fit integration into cover frames or sight glasses. Any form. With angular or rounded edges. With vaults. For extreme accuracy requirements. For parts, whose operation is not affected by temperature ranges of several hundred degrees. Parts with thermal expansion coefficients close to zero …

    On request, we not only machine products to your drawings, but are also happy to develop the optimal solution to the requirement together with you.


Glass for Stoves. Clear View. To the Fire!

Glass-ceramics is material, made from glass melt through controlled crystallization. One can describe them as being a composite material comprised of glass and crystals. A very special property is the extremely low thermal expansion coefficient. As a result, products with excellent thermal shock properties can be manufactured from glass-ceramics, which in addition have good mechanical strength.

Glass-ceramics can be processed, printed and coated as well. Thus, we are capable of adapting the material properties to the technical challenges of your application.

  • Premium fire protection
  • Can be shaped in any way
  • Angular curved
  • IR MAX
  • IR-SuperMAX
  • Anti-Reflex
  • Night View
  • Ashes disappear magically
  • Lining
  • Exterior cladding
  • Floor panels
  • Accessories
  • Touch-Control
  • Fireplace viewing panels made from ROBAX – resistant and valuable

    Elegant and aesthetically pleasing

    In our experience, the best choice for fireplace viewing panels: ROBAX from SCHOTT. This temperature-resistant, durable material, which consists of over 95% natural raw materials, is the premium product for contemporary viewing panels. Whether tiled stove, fireplace or hearth: with ROBAX, you can create elegant fire-resistant panels that not only offer unsurpassed function, but also attract attention and become a design element of your fireplace.

    ROBAX is temperature resistant up to 760 °C. Even the hottest wood fire will never reach such temperatures. However, the material also withstands temperature differences of up to 700 degrees – for example between the cold boundary are of the fireplace viewing panel framed in stainless steel, and its hottest point, exactly opposite and only a few centimetres away from the flame.

  • Viewing panels made from ROBAX can be shaped to virtually any form

    There are hardly any limits to your design

    The picture at the left shows just a few examples of fireplace viewing panels. Countless others can be produced – from one-side edge bent for corner fireplaces, up to slightly curved, with or without cutouts, with or without holes for handles etc.

    Our tip: Involve our specialists early on. Together we will find the optimal way to develop a series product out of your ideas, with a convincing price and with looks that will fascinate your customers.

  • Campfire in the living room

    IDEAL curved glass for extravagant designs

    A tiled stove that only makes the room comfortably warm is a thing of the past. Today, customers expect an unobstructed view of the fire from several sides. A feeling like being at a campfire – coupled with clean combustion and the highest environmental standards.

    Framing two panes with a metal corner just looks old-fashioned. Angularly bent fire-viewing panels, on the other hand, tend to develop slight bulges at the outlets of the bending edge (left in the picture). This makes it just as difficult to frame the curved pane as it is to seal the combustion chamber.

    SCHOTT managed to solve this issue and uses an innovative process to manufacture ideally curved ROBAX glass ceramics. The bulge is reduced by up to 50% (right in the picture), which improves the solidity of the edge by up to 80% . At the same time, the viewing panel is much easier to frame.

    When combined with large bending radii between 30 und 95 mm, a real campfire feeling is created in the living room: The edge itself becomes almost invisible. Slim frames or even frameless designs give the fireplace a distinctive spatial impression.

  • The coating for a cozy fireplace

    Higher combustion temperatures with wood and gas

    IR Max is a coating applied to the room side of viewing panels for wood and gas fireplaces. In direct comparison with uncoated ROABX, it reflects significantly more infrared radiation back into the firebox. This increases the temperature there, which can lead to better combustion, reduced emissions as well as less sooting of the viewing panels.

    The fireplace itself stores more heat. With the right design, the efficiency of thermal storage and water-bearing stoves increases noticeably. In well-insulated houses, IR Max also ensures for a more pleasant, less overheated room climate. The IR-reflective coating is designed for operating temperatures of up to 600 °C.

    Important for designers: IR Max can be printed on.

  • The first coating that can compensate for operator errors

    Comfortable climate. More environmentally friendly. Cleaner view.

    If you heat the decorative and stylish wood, pellet or gas fireplaces in low-energy and passive houses, the room is quickly overheated. With IR SuperMAX, that’s history. The new coating technology from SCHOTT brings back the feel-good climate. The coating itself, without the glass substrate, reflects about 60…80% of the mid-infrared radiation, i.e., at wavelengths around 3.5 µm. This opens up completely new possibilities for fireplace manufacturers, as the safety distances to furniture – compared to uncoated ROBAX – shrink by up to half.

    End customers are delighted with the pyrolysis-like cleaning effect: the fireplace viewing panels soot much less; the fire looks more real and lively. At the same time, the cleaning effort is permanently reduced.

    Incidentally, the considerably higher combustion temperature can compensate for classic operator errors such as incorrect air settings or too little fuel and ensure that catalytic converters in the fireplace work optimally. This in turn protects the environment and reduces fine dust pollution.

    Would you have thought that all this can be achieved with a coated glass-ceramic – which can also be printed on?

  • Coating for the calming glaze into the fire

    See the flame, not the room

    The play of flames in a gas-operated fireplace gains considerably in scenic radiance thanks to a TrueView anti-reflective coating on the fire viewing panel. This can hardly be explained better than in the image on the left: The uncoated ROBAX panel (right) mirrors the room and its furniture. The fire itself, the central element of every fireplace, that ideally should take center stage, dwindles to a marginal note.

    Completely different is the glass-ceramics panel on the left, coated with TrueView: Reflections of the room are hardly visible, instead the fire is staged in the best possible way. In other words, exactly what the end customer

    The TrueView coating is applied to both sides. The substrate material tolerates up to 600 °C (short-term) as well as thermal shocks of up to 700 degrees. Its acid resistance conforms at least with Class 2 acc. to DIN 12116. This is especially important for gas-operated fireplaces, because at the comparably low combustion temperatures, not all sulphur compounds exhaust over the smokestack, but partially condense on the inner side of the viewing panel.

  • Pellet fire newly staged

    Warming fire – invisible ashes

    ROBAX NightView transforms an ordinary pellet stove into a significantly more attractive fireplace. With the specially tinted glass-ceramic viewing panel, the fire appears darker and calmer – for a fascinating play of flames. When switched off, the ashes and the dirty combustion chamber are invisible.

    ROBAX NightView can be used with almost all pellet stoves – and may even replace double glazing. Ask us – together we will identify the benefits for your company!

  • Fire perfectly staged – ashes invisible

    The ideal coating for hotels

    ROBAX Mirror combines sophisticated anti-glare with reflection: While in the heated state the view of the fire is not restricted, in the unheated state the sooted combustion chamber remains largely hidden, as seen in the picture on the left.

    This innovative coating is applied to the room side and can be easily combined with individual print designs (e.g. frames, logos…). ROBAX Mirror is temperature-resistant up to 550° C and is available for glass of 3…5 mm in thickness.

    Cleaning is performed with usual glass cleaners – or perhaps even better: with the SCHOTT ROBAX dry cleaning agent. This cleans without soaking time, without streaks, without wiping off afterwards and is able to remove soot from the glass without leaving any scratches behind. Sure, this dry cleaning agent is available from us as well.

  • Scrim diffuser for the combustion chamber

    Lining for perfect fire enjoyment in 3D

    ROBAX is so resistant against heat, acids, and bases, that even the interior of (gas-) stoves can be cladded with it. The special product adapted to this application – ROBAX Magic – is available in four colour variants: Black (translucent), Grey (opaque), Bluegrey (translucent) and White (opaque).

    While a smooth surface ensures optically in-focus reflections of the flame, the nubbed structure contributes a scrim diffusor effect, as in the picture on the left. In addition, ROBAX Magic Black as well as ROBAX Magic Bluegrey are both available with a fluted front or back face.

    The material is temperature resistant up to 660 °C (short-term) and tolerates thermal shocks up to 650 degrees. It can be processed and printed without any problems.

  • Integration into the room

    Exterior claddings perfect the design

    ROBAX Ambience is the counterpart to ROBAX Magic: The large-sized outer cladding of the fireplace is a striking feature and the eye-catcher in the room.
    Whether as an elegant, aesthetically pleasing white fireplace, as in the picture on the left, – or printed with a rough brick- or timber wall: Our ceramic digital printing doesn’t limit the design or fantasy of your customers. From a functional point of view, individualized items do not differ in any way from series products.

    Photo: The stylistic icing on the cake of an elegant heat source: ROBAX Ambience on a Hase fireplace.

  • Floor panels in all shapes and sizes

    Clear, colored or printed – extending the fireplace optically

    High-class flooring needs to be protected from fire but should nevertheless be visibly appreciated. In this case a transparent floor panel is the first choice. Alternatively, the panel could be in a set-off color, contrasting the floor – or, digitally printed, extend the fireplace optically into the room.

    We stock floor panels in 17 practice-proven shapes and sizes, from square to rectangular, pentagons and hexagons, round- and segment arches, circles and circle segments through to drop shapes.

    Speaking of print: Whether digitally printed as an individual designer item or sample, whether inexpensively screen-printed, it’s nothing to be decided; we can do both. Let us resolve this task together. We know for example, which colors and paint systems are suitable for which operating temperatures. So that the design will look fresh for years – and thereby remains just as attractive, as if it had just been installed.

    Photo: The digitally printed floor panel extends the Hagos fireplace perfectly into the room, and at the same time protects the floor from flying sparks.

  • Even the handles of the fireplace set are made of glass

    Elegant and extremely aesthetic: The combination for every fireplace.

    In this picture just about everything is made of glass: The fire protection panel with its thermally insulated handle made of stainless steel. The protective panel for the drywall. The floor protection in front of the fireplace. The wood basket. Glass is a poor heat conductor – and therefore also an ideal material for the handles on the stainless-steel fireplace set.

    However, with that our range of fireplace accessories is by no means exhausted. Our portfolio also comprises sealing cords, round, angular, self-adhesive or not, door handles made from glass, or the SCHOTT ROBAX dry cleaning agent, just to name a few.

    Irlbacher therefore not only supplies the glass – but also the complete range of accessories for your fireplace.

  • Increasingly in trend

    Elegant touch-control for the fireplace

    Granted. Generally, a fireplace does not really need a control system. But for some time now we have been noticing the trend to no longer hide sophisticated heating systems in dark boiler rooms, but rather to deliberately position them as an optical design element as part of the living space.

    Luckily, we have a perfect solution for the heating control system. Aesthetically plain and adapted – or easily adaptable – to the style of the renewable energy source. Functional. Classy. Smooth – and therefore easy to clean.

    Interesting, particularly for the target group private users: Our vanishing effect. It ensures that certain functions are only visible for your service technicians. Ask us. We have many more ideas on hand.

    Photo: With myETA the Austrian heating specialist brings the touch screen to the heat source – and the information to the Smartphone via App.

Technical glass ceramics. Up to 850 °C. Permanently.

With NEXTREMA, SCHOTT has developed a high-performance glass ceramic for industrial applications, that not only withstands temperatures of up to 950 °C, but also tolerates thermal shocks of up to 820 °C, as shown in this video here.

The technical reason for these fascinating properties is a thermal expansion coefficient of almost zero.

The glass ceramic panels, mainly made from natural raw materials such as quartz sand, have therefore replaced the problematic asbestos wire gauzes in laboratories. Other typical applications are (transparent) covers, e.g. for radiant heaters in soldering ovens or IR-heaters, sight glasses or vision panels in the process industry, but also high-performance reflectors in digital projectors.

  • Protective covers
  • Ceramized coating
  • Wide range of colors
  • Heat resistant surfaces
  • Finishing
  • Transparent and free of pores: the perfect protective cover

    Temperature resistant up to 920° C – thermal expansion coefficient close to 0

    NEXTREMA is a glass-ceramic, combining the benefits of technical special-purpose glass with the properties of high-temperature materials. From flat to shaped, from thin to thick: The resilient glass-ceramic from SCHOTT is impressive not only through its tolerance against thermal shocks, but also through surface durability and gas tightness. The material is process-inert and retains its mechanical strength even at high temperatures.

    The stainless burner cover on the picture left is transparent – completely in contrast to sheet metal. The pore-free surface also facilitates cleaning quite considerably: At those high temperatures, dripping liquids burn to ashes. Free of pollutants.

  • Pure enjoyment right from the start: Visual pleasure at a constant grill temperature!

    The usage-tolerant glass-ceramic

    The material composition of NEXTREMA results in ceramic molecules being created in the glass during the manufacturing process. This gives NEXTREMA physical, chemical and mechanical properties that open up new areas of application for engineers and designers.

    Depending on the application, the otherwise common polishing of the surface can be omitted – and thus a process that can lead to visible scratches on the surface. This is not only visually unsightly – but scratches can also significantly increase the risk of breakage.

    NEXTREMA is compliant with the European Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS).

    Our grill in the picture on the left stays outside in all weather. Because glass does not go out of shape, is rust-free and retains its transparency. Yellowing of protective glass outdoors is a thing of the past.

  • Available in six colors, translucent or opaque

    From transparent to translucent bluegray, from white to noble gray

    NEXTREMA is available in six attractive versions. The various colors open up completely new possibilities for innovative, versatile and robust design. Whether transparent, translucent or opaque: Designers, engineers and marketing people select the look and transparency, that best corresponds to their requirements and design preferences. As a result, NEXTREMA gives technical functionality a new look and leaves a lasting impression.

    Thanks to the mechanical strength of up to 165 MPa, tempering is not required. We always have material with 4 mm thickness in stock; on request material thicknesses between 2 and 6 mm can be supplied.

  • Glass-ceramic is the perfect underlay – not only for grilling

    Chemically inert, resistant to thermal shocks

    A real steak on the grill makes the technically abstract description of the properties of NEXTREMA much more imaginable: Chemically inert means, you only taste the meat, the spices, the roast aromas. Nothing else!

    Drizzle with beer? Yes please!

    Our recommendation: Oil the grooved surface slightly before using. If you intend to grill food containing sugars (e.g. marinated steaks), then clean the griddle before it gets cold, before the sugar crystallizes. You will find more tips in our data sheets, that we will be happy to send you. Ask us about it!

  • Cleaned as quickly as written on

    Processing, printing, coating

    NEXTREMA is resistant to acids, bases and corrosion according to DIN 12116, ISO 695 and DIN ISO 719. It does not interact with its environment, even in demanding processes. The “good Morning” in the picture on the left can therefore be wiped off quite simply.

    The flowers, however, cannot – they are printed. Therefore, we warrant that they will not wilt, even at high temperatures.

    We at Irlbacher have all the methods to mechanically shape, print and coat glass-ceramics. That’s why we are certain: The combination of the NEXTREMA material, our experience and your ideas is the basis for successful products, that are visually convincing and amaze consumers with their features.

    SCHOTT NEXTREMA can also be used as whiteboard. Simply replace the flowers with your company logo and the kitchen with the meeting area of your shop floor …