Applications in detail (Archive)

Microlab – Fully integrated biochemical lab with evaluation electronics…

…everything on a single pane of glass!

How about a rapid diagnostic tests for the unambigous detection of chemical / biological substances. In wine, in food, in serums …

Sustainable with rechargeable battery and integrated rinsing – or cost-sensitive for single use.

We have the platforms – you have the technology.
Together we sprint to the finish line.

Need a couple of more ideas?

  • channels, cavities and reaction chambers individually structured by laser
  • selective light shields as well as pcb tracks, applied by digital or screen printing
  • sensor technology and 32-bit microcontroller on glass – for immediate evaluation
  • with display and HMI – or just green / yellow / red LED
  • WiFi connectivity and inductive charging
  • Rechargeable battery, micro-battery or energy harvester

Grilling on glass – best barbecue taste without smoke!

Our stylish grill plate looks pretty simple. But only at first glance.

On closer inspection, it is actually quite complex. It starts with the basic material, the Nextrema high-performance glass ceramics from Schott.

  • resistant against jumps in temperature of up to 800 degrees
  • practically no thermal expansion
  • withstands temperatures of up to 920 °C – that is twice as much as the hottest grill will generate
  • heat radiation passes through almost unhindered
  • glass ceramics will not react with the food and therefore is easy to clean
  • resistant to acids, alkalis and corrosion
  • mechanically extremely robust (impact resistant)

Vorderseite Nextrema
Glass Ceramics
In this example:
rectangular, 300 x 265 mm with rounded corners. All edges grinded.
Alternatively, also as a round disc (diameter 340 mm, e.g., for the Weber-Grill pizza stone or 445 mm as in the video with Andreas Meier). Nextrema glass- ceramics, 4.8 mm thick. Still light, but very robust with optimum heat distribution. The scraper for quick primary cleaning is always part of the delivery
Rückseite Nextrema
Glass Ceramics
The grooved side – ideal for steaks, sausages ... Glass-ceramics is impact-resistant and mechanically very robust. Roughly clean with the scraper while it is warm and then simply rinse - done! (see video of the Grillsportverein Oberpfalz) The smooth side – for bacon, fish, fried eggs ...

You can find more information and videos about this fascinating material here on our website.

Glass ensures optimum heat distribution

Grilling on glass not only ensures good surface heat distribution and the best roasting aromas. Above all, there is no harmful smoke from half-burnt fat on the food. Curious? You can find detailed test and experience reports on the website of the barbecue portal BBQ.LOVE or with “our top chef from the Upper Palatinate” Andreas Meier on the Facebook page of the Schlossbrauerei Fuchsberg. The Grillsportverein Oberpfalz e.V. also did extensive testing.

Order directly from us, even in small quantities!

Have you acquired a taste for it? You can order the glass ceramic grill plate directly from us. Rectangular or round. In standard size or in your desired format. As a single item, as a promotional gift (with or without your logo) or as a standard accessory for your products.

Always included: the matching (beechwood) scraper for quick rough cleaning.

Simply send an email to!

Our first IMPAtouch series product has been in production for over twelve years

This assembly was everything but a no-brainer – as it is full of complex solutions. First of all, the machine can be used in two fundamentally different operating modes:

  • Desired hot drink with the push of a single buttom. In self-service areas, for example at motorway service stations, it is all about straightforward, clear and simple operation.
  • In a café, when the barista is in front of the machine, 16 additional buttons become available, enabling the professional to customize any hot drink.

Vorderseite Operating panel
(front view)
All-round edge grinding for high durability. The glass edge is flush with the device and forms part of the housing front. 16 backlit function keys (IMPAled) with vanishing effect that can be labelled individually. Not visible in self-service mode. Ten ground-in fingertips (IMPAfeel) with touch functionality (IMPAtouch) for intuitive direct access in self-service mode. Highly transparent opening for the display. Optionally with a scratch-resistant protective coating for the glass applied by screen printing, which can later be removed like a film. Two "slotted holes" for the implementation of the hot water and steam outlets.
Rückseite Operating panel
(rear view)
16 programming buttons with adjustable color. The labelling is done by laser printing on matt white foil and is therefore completely customizable. Without backlighting, the buttons are not visible from the front (vanishing effect) - ideal for self-service mode. Framed tolerance compensation for the display mounted on the basic device. Even at an inclined angle, it is not possible to look "by the display into the interior of the device". 32-bit Cortex-M3 computing power for evaluating the touch sensors, controlling the LEDs etc. – directly on the glass! Plastic mounting frame with stiffeners and studs for mounting the device, glued to the glass full-faced. The entire electronics of the device front (touch evaluation, backlighting, LEDs, interfaces ...) are located on the glass. This means that no separate board, etc. is required; the assembly is connected directly to the main control. In order to protect the electronics reliably against hot water, steam and condensate in the long term, they are fully potted.

Regardless of the operating mode the machine is currently in:

The elegant, straight-forward design on an opaque black background is visually impressive.

What you can’t see right away: Upward and downward compatibility. Each series of the device front panel fits on each basic device.