Emotions made of glass

Glass focuses emotions – glass is emotion. Objects shown in their best light. Precious touch systems for production halls. HMIs as part of the corporate identity. Product differentiation via glass touch. Let us inspire you!

Your ideas, the creativity of your designers, the professionalism of your colleagues – we bring all of this together and give your product an unmistakable look. Timeless and elegant as in these examples – but still a little different. After all, it is your new product.

We can get it soldered

How do you create an eye-catcher?

We deliver distinction!

How do you turn a product that everyone knows and where differentiation by function is difficult into a real eye-catcher? A “must have”? Of course!

With glass and touch. On the right side of the picture you see the soldering station in classic design. On the left the new product. With IMPAtouch, IMPAfeel (“Encoder” ground into the front glass for finger guidance), with ESD dissipative coating on the glass – and a number of other features that are not immediately obvious.

We supply the entire front panel including bonded PCAP-Touch, display, cover frame and mounting solution. Fully tested and ready to install. For you, this means: development times shrink, supply chains become shorter and, above all, better manageable, more regional and thus more secure. Process costs, intermediate storage, packing and unpacking are eliminated. The ecological footprint of your products will be reduced all by itself.

Foil vs. Glass

Glass HMI to withstand the rigors of everyday industrial use

We deliver long-term durability!

Granted: Membrane keyboards are inexpensive in large quantities and look chic. At least in the beginning. If they are not used in places (as in our production) where they are exposed to dust, emulsions and water, direct sunlight, operation with gloves, to which abrasive materials can stick.

Maybe glass seems a little more expensive. But is this really true when you look at the entire HMI, i.e. with keys, signal processing, electronics, ESD protection, seals, cabling, assembly…?

Depending on the application, your customers expect long-term durability and a certain value from a product with your name. It should look perfect, even after years of use. If the HMI has to be replaced after three years because the membrane is delaminated, cheap quickly turns into expensive…

No germs on glass

Even if you cannot see it, it is still there.

We supply easy tools against microorganisms!

By nature, flat glass offers very few opportunities for microbial colonization. Additionally, we can also provide surfaces with an antibacterial coating. In addition, detergents and disinfectants can hardly harm glass. Therefore, it is an ideal material for all (operating) surfaces in medical technology, chemical and pharmaceutical research, for industrial applications or even in the household.

The glass surface protects the IMPAtouch electronics behind. In order to ensure that the electronics is not affected by dew and moisture in the long term, for example in drying and climatic chambers, it can be protected by a special paint is the picture.

In the combination of touch with haptic feedback, even the laboratory glove is no longer an obstacle; we bring back the feeling of real keys. With a hermetically sealed surface at the same time. See for yourself!

Solutions for experts

Dishwasher for hospitality industry with unmistakable optics

When the glass HMI becomes an essential part of the Corporate Identity

Equipment for the food production industry operates in a similarly complex environment as equipment for the catering industry. High-pressure water jets, powerful cleaners and high temperatures ensure sparkling clean dishes in minutes – not hours like at home.

The glass user interface contributes a great deal to the unmistakable appearance and corporate identity – for many years to come. While foils fade, harden, eventually break and begin to delaminate under the constant stress of hot steam, the glass HMI still looks the same after years, just like on the first day. Dirt on it? Leave it up to vinegar cleaner to dissolve lime. Wipe it once with glass cleaner and disinfectant. Even the strictest inspection will have no reason to complain.

What you do not see in the photo are the inner glass panels for chamber illumination and for monitoring the operation of the flushing arms. These are also manufactured in Schönsee.

Refreshing eye-catcher

Modern design is sustainable

We deliver eye-catchers!

Modern design and the use of durable and high-quality materials – this is how our customers frequently advertise their products and convince the end customers with elegant looks and arguments of sustainability. Which we develop in workshops together. At the beginning of the collaboration, most of our customers don’t realize the marketing and climate protection arguments hidden in the material glass and our processes, all of which are waiting to ignite their creative potential in your advertising.

Only some users will ever see: The buttons hidden in the ceramic printing. These, for example, are only visible to service technicians with keys or RFID tags. Or for the operator’s “super-users” who want to know at a glance how many liters have been tapped and when the outlet of the water dispenser was last disinfected. When the super-users sign out, these special controls are no longer backlit and therefore invisible. True to the motto. “Nobody plays with buttons that are not there!”

Touch-HMI for the shop floor

BDE terminal for production

The best solutions are found in a team

You and your team are proud of your company’s new HMI concept. And rightly so. A lot of effort has gone into it, just for the sophisticated operator guidance alone. The software development team has done a great job. The design deserves a Red Dot Award. The hardware design and the electronics department found an ultra-flat solution. Performance reserves for upgrades are available. And they will come because customers are really excited about the first prototypes.

To symbiotically combine these different inputs into a glass touch system, to charge them with emotions and to transform them into a product that can be manufactured according to industrial standards is our actual task. Glass, machining and processing and our technology platforms are the means and ways to achieve this.

It does not always have to be glass

Think outside the box!

See the glass in the picture?

Nowhere. This is pure natural stone. We can process and shape it similar to flat glass – or we can process it in blocks. Now that would be something!

The appliance panel of a high-end kitchen stove in granite. The sauna control unit in marble. We would be happy to develop further ideas together – at your site or at our facility in Schönsee. We welcome exciting challenges. Let us think outside the box together and break new ground!