Why Irlbacher?


Our ambition is not to supply you with one or more components. Rather, we work together with you, your designers and developers to create a well thought-out (sub-)system that creates synergies with your application and offers you real added value – right up to a unique position in the market.

We use the backside of the touch glass to integrate all signal processing electronics and additional circuitry. This reduces your costs, removes complexity from your supply chain and saves unnecessary transportation: Separate electronics, cabling, mounting solutions, assembly and testing costs, coordination of different suppliers, internal process and handling costs are simply eliminated.

Instead of a kit of individual components, we offer you a complete, ready-to-install solution. Precisely tailored to your application. With long-term supply in loyal partnership with a family-owned company that can always rely on 85 years of experience in the functionalization of glass.

For years we have been assembling microcontrollers with QFN package on glass.

Everything from one source


As a full-range supplier, we not only have over 50 types of glass in stock, but also all conceivable processing and machining methods for this special material. Different printing technologies, grinding and finishing or functionalization can be found under one roof, as well as assembly, application technology, mechanical design or electronic development. Logistics concepts for industrial production up to consignment stocks or supply systems are not new territory for us but have been a part of our daily practice for decades.

Let’s talk about your project and your idea – the earlier the better.

One single contact for a comprehensive, ready-to-install solution!


Functional Integration


Reduce development risks and times through targeted use of our engineering platforms. Together we will find synergies. As this example shows. We started with the inquiry for a state-of-the-art light source for a refrigerator.

The result is a compact HMI with minimum package dimensions, despite all the integrated functions: lighting control, temperature setting, all operating handles and the electronics for the motorized height adjustment. An elaborate LED lighting with matching reflector. The filter for an extremely pleasant and soft light is realized directly on the glass. Including a mounting solution and snap-in. The reflector: designed and engineered by us. No further electronics required.

HMI, light, motor control – all integrated!


Experience and knowledge


In eastern Upper Palatinate, today located in the middle of Europe’s Green Belt, glass has been melted and processed for over 600 years. Based on this regional wealth of experience, our company was founded as a start-up in 1935. 85 years later, we see ourselves as the undisputed technological leader in the processing and functionalization of glass.

We combine our broad knowledge, craftsmanship and passion for glass with state-of-the-art technologies, the finest mechanical engineering, design and IoT. We develop and build over 80% of our glass processing machines at our facility. That way we have control over all process variables and can implement cross-process links at shortest time.

All this is done to achieve features for your product that are simply not available elsewhere. Together we turn your concept into a great product: an eye-catcher that inspires. Creating fascinating unique positions by unseen functionality.

Bedienpanel eines Fitness-Geräts mit haptischen Elementen. Das gerät selbst verfügt nicht über ein Display und ist intuitiv bedienbar.
Well thought-out functionality, light and glass make every HMI an eye-catcher!


We think ahead


For example, in the direction of super-flat OLEDs with a light spectrum that is pleasant to the human eye. However, in order to achieve full performance with maximum service life, these need the right driver circuits. Therefore, we integrated the entire electronics on the upper glass panel. The lower carrier glass panel enhances the light a little more and also serves as a mounting surface for all add-on, flat, contacting and micro components. The result is a 9 mm thin lamp that floats in space.

And in the direction of fully integrated micro-laboratories on glass, to easily perform reliable analyses on site.

And in the direction of device covers with touch systems for household applications or in public spaces, all of which can also be used by visually impaired people.

And, and, and, …

Let us discover new territory together. At your site, at our premises in Schönsee, with a workshop, or at our exhibition booth.