January 2023

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As early as 14 March, the leading trade fair for microcontrollers and their applications starts in Nuremberg.

Even though we have significantly more space available this year on stand 1-252 – experience has shown that consultation appointments with our specialists quickly become scarce.

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December 2022

Extremely slim devices with IMPAeGlass

For more than 15 years, we have been printing electronics on glass. This industrial process brings touch sensors and their processing electronics directly onto the glass. This enables us to produce touch-sensitive HMIs with almost any dimensions but only a few millimetres in height. The 32-bit microcontrollers used in our systems have enough computing power to embed less demanding applications and thus do completely away with the control board in the device.

The picture above shows the complete electronic assembly of an extractor fan. Only 11.5 mm flat – including connector with mating plug. The complete control system is integrated in the microcontroller on the glass.

The result: Outrageously flat, slim appliance designs with maximum ease of use and comprehensive electronics.
Designed, developed and manufactured in Europe.

November 2022

Normal displays become touch HMI

“Irlbacher’s patented glass touch technology”, writes the trade journal Elektronik* in its ‘Display’ issue 22.2022, “can be combined with standard displays. The advantages:

free choice of geometric shape
no dependence on special displays that are difficult to procure”.

What can one say to that? The editors are absolutely right!

*Elektronik is the leading trade journal in the German speaking terrotories when it comes to design and development of microcontroller applications. The journal is pubished every two weeks with a print run of 30.000+ copies.

October 2022

Electronics and glass – a symbiosis

We have been printing electronics on glass for a good 15 years. This idea is still a real innovation today and a strong sign of what a medium-sized company in Germany can achieve from its own engineering power.

Tobias Schlichtmeier, editor of Markt & Technik, the leading German-speaking weekly newspaper for the electronics industry, asked Günther Irlbacher about the challenges of glass processing, his plans for the time after oil and gas and Germany as a business location in general.

You can find the complete interview in issue 39 of Markt & Technik (in German language).

(c) WEKA Fachmedien / Tobias Schlichtmeier

September 2022

Touch operation without a display

Infrared (IR) light in a specific wavelength range is able to penetrate deep into the human body. Professional athletes use this to speed up convalescence. SPS Life GmbH from Dresden is considered one of the pioneers for this technology in Europe. Together we have developed SURYA, a ground-breaking wellness infrared lamp based on functional ceramics.

SURYA relies on intuitive touch operation, which intentionally does without a display. How exactly this works and what needs to be taken into account is explained by one of the leading electronics engineering magazines in German, ELEKTRONIK, in its issue 19, starting on page 24 (available in German language only).

August 2022

Parallel development with embedded HMIs

An embedded HMI combines all functions directly on the oprator’s interface. This “intelligence” on the control panel leads to a functional separation of device application and HMI. This enables parallel development – without any knowledge transfer that would be necessary otherwise!

Take advantage of our expertise and book your free consultation to find out how this works technically, what needs to be taken into account and, most importantly, what the benefits are.

July 2022

Summer interview
with Günther Irlbacher

In this year’s summer interview, Günther Irlbacher provides insights into the technical concept of our “embedded HMI“.

But that’s not all: In the interview, our Technical Director also outlines our strategy on how we remain capable of delivering in these times, in spite of high-tech HMIs with printed electronics on glass and rich computing power.

Download the PDF with the full interview here!

Addendum October 2022: The summer interview has meanwhile appeared in numerous trade journals, also outside Germany, e.g. in the November issue of Technische Rundschau, which is published in Switzerland.

June 2022

Irlbacher sets one of the central topics at embedded world

Embedded HMI” was one of the central topics in Nuremberg, as can be seen from the broad media coverage of our solutions alone.

Our trade fair team can therefore look back on an extremely successful participation at ew2022. Significantly more visitors than hoped for were happy to be inspired by our solutions and eager to gain more information about our technologies.

Thanks to the synergies on the joint stand of the “Lötknecht” network, it was also possible to present the complete development and value chain. Visitors where trilled about our sustainable and extremely attractive approach of “near-shoring”.

Incidentally, next year embedded world will take place again – as usual – in the spring: So block the days from 16 to 18 March 2023 in your calendar instantly.

Until then, we will be happy to answer all your questions by email – or interactively on the phone or online.

April 2022

Embedded-HMI, Embedded-Edge – Embedded World!

From June 21 to 23, the embedded systems community will meet in Nuremberg. Irlbacher will be there – because every embedded system needs an HMI. It doesn’t always have to be touchscreen to realise touch operation. Or combine optics and haptics to create an incomparable user experience for your customers!

Take advantage of our concentrated technical expertise for your new HMI – which will put you more than a nose ahead of your competition!

CARY: Our smart solution construction kit against COVID-19

As a family-run enterprise, the health of our employees is our top priority. Accordingly, we started very early with regular testing to detect suspected COVID-19 cases and, if necessary, quarantine employees before the virus could spread throughout the company. Therefore, our cross-departmental pandemic task force quickly agreed on the need for series testing.

What we could not find anywhere, however, was a convincing solution for the associated processes, from scheduling appointments and registration to informing employees, from preparatory hand disinfection to ID confirmation and secure data communication.

Equally important to us: a cross-company function, enabling the forming of cohorts. Groups that hardly ever meet in the course of business should also have no contact during breaks, so that all contact persons can be identified in the event of any suspected case. This is the only way to effectively interrupt chains of infection.

Out of this need, we developed CARY together with our long-standing partners, the HMI and software specialists from macio (Kiel) and the user-experience consulting specialists from Woodpecker Finch (Cologne). CARY is a comprehensive, smart system solution that is perfectly tailored to the needs of companies, public institutions, schools, authorities, museums, shopping centres, train stations, airports and so on.

You can obtain CARY directly from us. Alternatively, we will be happy to provide you with the entire solution construction kit, from floor-standing devices to apps, as an OEM product. The only thing that matters is that together we get a grip on this virus with smart solutions.

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